My name is Bruce Narbaitz and I’m the guy in the top left corner. In real life I don’t look quite so cartoon-ish.

We’re here at this website, having this virtual sort-of-but-not-actual introduction, because I like to write and presumably you like to read. Interestingly enough, my favourite writing style is Spoken Word poetry. As the name suggests, this art form is meant to be heard rather than read. I invite you, therefore, to imagine the poems performed with as much energy, passion and humour as possible. If you’ve met me, you know what my voice sounds like. I’ll try to paint the picture for those unfortunate souls who have yet to have that privilege: I have the most manly, attractive, laughter-inducing and emotion-carrying vessel of a voice that has ever graced this planet. I’ll let you determine how much embellishment (read: deception) the previous sentence contained.

Without further ado, I’ll usher you towards the place where the real magic happens. Simply click on the word Poems and be magically transported to an alternate universe where words can become worlds. Or you can just reread this a few times too. Your choice.